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Never Forget.
  Registration is now closed for the 2016 SMSC.  The final Master List has been compiled and is available for viewing with the link below.  Please look it over and confirm your information is correct.  Also take note of the names of those for whom we are still missing race class information.  Those individuals need to contact us at

               Information is up on the web page and will continue to be updated as needed.  Click over to read the news for this years event.
               SMSC page

Pre-registration payment directions.

1) Click the Register link
2)Put in the competitor's name over the "PAY" button before you click it.
3) Make your payment  
4) After making payment and on the confirmation page, click the "Return to Griztek Auto Appearance & Offroad" link. This takes you to the registration form page.

Click here for Dirt Conquest page
April 1-3, 2016